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Wound AssessmentWound Assessment The Basic's

Wound AssessmentWound Assessment The Basic's Nancy Morgan RN, BSN, MBA, WOCN, WCC, CWCMS Wound Care Education Institute DSL#10-0435 (8/10)

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Wound Care Resources | Products

WOUND DRESSING CATEGORIES Information in green denotes Medicare B and insurance requirements for the use of each product. Please click on underlined words to see a ...

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Pressure Ulcer Staging Guide - woundconsultant.com

Stage I: Intact skin with non-blanchable redness of a localized area usually over a bony prominence. Darkly pigmented skin may not have visible blanching; its color may

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Tunneling Wounds or Sinus Tracts | WoundSource

Tunneling wounds, sinus tracts, as well as the etiology, risk factors, complications, asessment and treatment of tunneling wounds are discussed in this article.

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Wound V.A.C. Dressing Change - UC Davis Health

• Cleanse wound bed with normal saline or wound cleanser to remove debris. Remove from wound bed any bits of old foam dressing using cotton-tip applicator or tweezers.

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what is a tunneling wound - Yahoo Answers Results

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Wound Management Comprehensive - - RN.org®

clock face: "Undermining of 1.5 cm width extends from 2 o'clock to 4 o'clock." Tunneling Extends from the wound under normal tissue but does not open to the skin or other structures.

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Wound Documentation Tips

- Small – wound tissues very moist, drainage <25% dressing - Moderate – wound tissues wet, drainage involves 25 – 75% dressing - Large – wound tissues filled with fluid – involves > 75% dressing

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Wound Care – Geriatrics Geriatric Lecture Series July 2007 Marcia Spear, APRN-BC, CWS, CPSN Amanda Bailey, APRN-BC, CWS, CRRN

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How to Assess Wounds for Tunneling and Undermining

Undermining, tunneling and sinus tract wound causes and assessment are discussed in this article by wound educator Laurie Swezey.

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Pathway Health Services Wound Documentation Guidelines

©Pathway Health Services - All Rights Reserved - Copy With Permission Only Wound Resource Manual, Third Edition, 2007 Created by Jeri Lundgren, RN, CWS, CWCN

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Horizontal Boring & Tunneling Co.

Auger Boring. A technique for forming a bore from a drive pit to a reception pit, by means of a rotating cutting head. Spoil is removed back to the drive shaft by helically wound auger flights rotating in a steel casing.

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