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Daily updates of everything that you need know about what is going on in the military community and abroad including military gear and equipment, breaking news, international news and more.

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Private Military Jobs - Mercenary Work Abroad, Security ...

Learn how to become a security contractor overseas. Find out about private military jobs and what mercenaries do. Industry resources and pay information.

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Civilian Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan;

"Although it is infrequently mentioned, and it is often unfashionable to say, the truth about most private military and security contractors is that they are mostly regular folks

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ArmorGroup - Wikipedia

ArmorGroup International is a British company providing private security.It was founded in 1981 and was listed on the London Stock Exchange until 6 June 2008 (it was acquired by G4S plc in April 2008).

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Obama Losing To China & Russia In Afghanistan | Real Jew News

Obama Losing To China & Russia In Afghanistan. Russia Articles, Afghanistan War Articles, America In Decline Articles, China Articles, ObamaNation Articles. OBAMA LOSING ...

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30 Most Powerful Private Security Companies in the World ...

What happens when private security appoints itself judge, jury, and executioner. What happens when private security agents are the law-breakers, tormentors and villains?

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Top U.S. General: Troops in Afghanistan Fought at Lowest ...

The number of U.S.-NATO-led coalition troops in Afghanistan is expected to reach an estimated 25,000 troops next year.

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Overseas Security Jobs - Salaries, Afghanistan and Iraq Jobs

It can be dangerous work but overseas security positions are lucrative and desirable. Work for agencies in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other hot spots. Free security career overview.

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Global Data & Statistics | Private Security Monitor ...

Data and statistics on the global private military and security industry, including specific data on contractors working for the United States. The data has been compiled by academic institutions, think tanks, industry associations, and governments.

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Academi - Wikipedia

Academi is an American private military company founded in 1997 by former Navy SEAL officer Erik Prince as Blackwater, renamed as Xe Services in 2009 and now known as Academi since 2011 after the company was acquired by a group of private investors.

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Politics - ABC News

Get up to the minute breaking political news and in-depth analysis on

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Thousands of Russian private contractors fighting in Syria ...

Thousands of Russian private contractors fighting in Syria Proxy fighters have played a key role in Syria, and their secret deployment has helped keep the official Russian death toll low

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Video Shows Drunk, Stoned US Defense Contractors - ABC News

Cellphone video recorded earlier this year at an operations center of a U.S. security contractor in Kabul, Afghanistan appears to show key personnel staggeringly drunk or high on narcotics, in what former employees say was a pattern of outrageous behavior that put American lives at risk and went undetected by U.S. military officials who are ...

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National Regulations | Private Security Monitor | University ...

The Private Security Monitor has compiled a list of country level regulations regarding private military and security services. Countries from Angola to Zimbabwe and their relevant laws are listed.

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iCasualties: Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring ...

Operation Iraqi Freedom: Operation Enduring Freedom/Afghanistan: Copyright © 2009

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Feral Jundi

Last year was interesting for this industry, and as I write this, Feral Jundi is celebrating 10 years of publication! Yep, my first post on this blog was January 22, 2008, and I am still here!

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Opinion | Erik Prince: Contractors, Not Troops, Will Save ...

Aug 29, 2017 · The reasons are as obvious as they are compelling: Last week, President Trump announced his "new strategy" to end the war in Afghanistan, the longest war in American history.

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These Are The World's Most Powerful Mercenary Armies ...

Modern-day mercenaries are stationed throughout the world fighting conflicts for governments that are reluctant to use their own troops. While an army of 5,000 heavily-armed contractors recently replaced official American forces in Iraq, and many more have been recruited to protect private interests ...

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Home | Famine Early Warning Systems Network

Conflict has severely disrupted trade, humanitarian access, and livelihoods. Very poor macroeconomic conditions constrain household market access.

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Contractors Tied to Effort to Track and Kill Militants - The ...

Mar 14, 2010 · KABUL, Afghanistan — Under the cover of a benign government information-gathering program, a Defense Department official set up a network of private contractors in Afghanistan and Pakistan to help track and kill suspected militants, according to military officials and businessmen in Afghanistan ...

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Private Military Companies | Mercenary Jobs

Private military companies (PMCs), are also known as private security companies (PSCs) and specialize in providing armed security and/or military related

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7 Pillars for Success in Afghanistan | The National Interest

Supporters of a continued U.S. role in Afghanistan argue that it is in the national interest to prevent Afghanistan from again becoming a base for terrorists.

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Cashing In on the Decision to Keep U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

Report Cashing In on the Decision to Keep U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Why Obama dropping his promise to end America's longest war is going to give contractors billions of dollars.

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Russia: 'Unidentified Helicopters' Transfering ISIS Members ...

Russian presidential special envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov expressed a distrust regarding the issue of "unidentified helicopters" transfering ISIS members in northern Afghanistan,...

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News Archive | TheHill

The Hill is a top US political website, read by the White House and more lawmakers than any other site -- vital for policy, politics and election campaigns.

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